Kevin Michael

Kevin Michael Vargas, born to Daniel and Sandra Vargas in 1999, was the second of three children born into the Vargas family. After about 6 months, his family would come to notice he was not developing at the normal rate of most children his age. Several tests, exams, and blood drawings later, they discovered that he was victim to a fatal genetic disease called Tay-Sachs. The family did not give up hope — with the help of incredible specialists, their family pediatrician who continued treating Kevin throughout his life, and the Mathew Forbes Romer Foundation, they found the comfort, support, and emotional aid they needed, bringing to light that there were hundreds of other families who shared the same story. Despite not being the typical, picturesque, American family that you see on TV, the Vargas family stood strong and united in the face of adversity, with their little but mighty warrior alongside. Kevin lived 8 wonderful years—embraced by a family who loved, adored, and cared for him to no end. Despite not being able to talk, he brought as much light, laughter, character and love into the Vargas home as anyone. Despite his inability to walk, he carried his family through the darkest of times and the most beautiful of them. His presence on this Earth was deeply cherished and never once taken for granted. Although those around the family could never seem to understand, he was perfect. He was brave. He was inspiring. He was incredible. But most of all, he was Kevin. We can only hope that families will never have to go through what we went through but unfortunately, this is not the case. The Mathew Forbes Romer Foundation is paramount to supporting these families and ultimately, finding a cure. All we can do now is remember Kevin for all the good and happiness he brought to us and fight to see a brighter future for those affected. We love you, Kevin. And we always will. Love, Daniel, Sandra, Danielle, & David

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