Brooke was born in 1996 with Tay-Sachs disease and while her life here on Earth was short, she empowered her family to carry on the mission of providing support to affected families throughout their journey. Brooke’s mother, Monica Gettleman’s impact to The Mathew Forbes Romer Foundation and the genetic diseases community overall is incomparable.

She is on the Board of The Mathew Forbes Romer Foundation and has served as Director and Vice President of Family Services at the National Tay Sachs and Allied Diseases Association. Along with the MFRF, Monica has collaborated on testing, educational and charitable events; she has also conducted class for nearly 100 students at Nova Southeastern University College of Nursing on nursing care for affected families. As part of her responsibilities with the NTSAD, Monica leads the family services committee where newly diagnosed families from around the country and world are mentored; she also organizes the commemoration ceremony for those children that lost their lives.

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